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Machli - Pocket Square - Teal Blue - 34 by 34 cm

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The Leaping Fox pays homage to a True Heroine.

“Machli”, or fish in Hindi, she was named for her remarkable fish-like facial markings. She lived from 1997-2016 in Ranthambore National Park, India.

Machli was also known as “The Queen of Ranthambore”, “The Queen Mother of Tigers” and “The Crocodile Killer” for producing a gene pool of over 50 tigers and being the only known tiger to have fought and killed a crocodile, 14 foot long.

A fearless defender and a survivor, she was the only known tigress to have raised a litter without the use of her canines.

10 year obsession of award winning wildlife filmmaker S Nalla Muthu. Star of 5 of his incredible films, he captured Machli from her prime until her last breath.  

In his words, “Protect One Tiger. Create a Forest.”

The Leaping Fox Silk Twill Pocket Square (100% Silk)
Artist : B.Chandrayan
Dimensions : 34 cm by 34 cm
Hand Rolled Hem
Made in England